The parameters of living

Every space has basic structures which are only in part variable, like walls, doors, windows, openings, supports and stairs. The task is to optimize and connect these structures to find the best possible organization of the functional areas. Incident daylight and the right illumination play an important role for the atmosphere in the space.

Character Study

Interior design provides the guidelines for the furnishings. Sometimes it will only mean small changes in the structures, creating or removing a partition or installing a skylight which opens up totally new possibilities for design. We will gladly produce a spatial concept to harmonize your ideas with the circumstances of the location.


Just as interior design sets up a stage for your furnishings, by the same token a careful selection of furniture and lovingly appointed accessories will lend lustre to your space. At every step in the design process it’s important to achieve a personal style.

We’re as individual as you are

There are many things which we don’t do: we’re not a furniture showroom, interior decorators or display artists. We work individually with our clients to realize smaller as well as larger projects. Would you like to get to know us? We’d be delighted to have a personal discussion in a meeting in our showroom or at your house or facility.